This is my all things pokemon blog because I keep filling up my personal blog with pokemon stuff.

Favourite pokemon: Kyogre, Lotad, Darumaka, Chansey, lots more xD

Here on this blog you wil find; official artwork, fan art, tips, GIF's, links, quotes, trivia/fun facts, screencaps, cartoons and much more :) some stuff reblogged and some stuff found from all over the internet.

Feel free to come with sugestions and requests!

I do post couplepictures from pokemon as well, but usualy only if someone requests it

Tell me your friend code in my ask if you want to trade :)


Not a lot of posts of Brock here on my blog, time to change that ^^


"The Rock-Solid Pokemon Trainer" (lolz)

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    Everyone is always going on about Morty’s HGSS redesign, but I think Brock’s redesign looks daaaamnnn foxy.
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